Now stream your PC games to your Xbox

Now stream your PC games to your Xbox

Microsoft is now letting Xbox One owners stream their PC games to the console and use a controller to play them. A newly updated app, Wireless Display app, from Microsoft enables the support so you can play Steam games or other titles directly on an Xbox One. You can use a regular Xbox controller to control the remote PC, enabling game play or even the ability to use an Xbox for presentations.

Microsoft’s Wireless Display app uses Miracast to create a connection between a PC and the Xbox One, and you can cast to the Xbox using the winkey + P combination. There are different latency modes for gaming and watching videos from a remote PC, and the app is ideal if you want to project a stream or video onto the Xbox. You won’t be able to stream protected content like Netflix, though.

Microsoft’s Wireless Display app has been available to testers for months under various different names, but it’s now officially released for all Xbox One owners. The Wireless Display app was previously dubbed Connect on Windows, and it started as an app for the Surface Hub. Microsoft enabled mouse, keyboard, touch, and stylus support through the same app to connect back and control the projecting PC, and it’s now added controller support for the Xbox version. While Microsoft has been working on streaming PC games to the Xbox One for years, this seems to be the best method to play Steam titles on an Xbox One.

Unfortunately, the app doesn’t support keyboard and mouse input, so you won’t be able to stream PC games to an Xbox One and use traditional inputs for now. That could change, as Microsoft recently introduced Xbox One keyboard and mouse support late last year for a number of games. For now, this is the best way to play any PC games on an Xbox One.

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Rare pristine copy of Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros. sells for $100150

Nintendo's Super Mario Bros Auction

An unopened copy of Super Mario Bros. for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) sold for more than $100,000. The cartridge was an 1985 sticker-sealed reprint that was only available in the New York and LA to test-launch the NES. The game was sold through Heritage Auctions on Feb. 6 for $100,105 to a group of collectors. The game’s box has a near-mint rating of 9.4 by Wata Games a website dedicated to rating collectible video games. The sticker has a seal rating of A++, which adds a great deal of value to the game.

“In terms of rarity, popularity, and relevance to collectors, this game has it all,” said Wata Games President Deniz Kahn. “Mario is the most recognized fictional or nonfictional character in the world, more so than even Mickey Mouse.”

There is a very appropriate “Thank you, Mario! But our princess is in another castle!” fate for the rare game. One of the buyers teased that it would likely end up at another auction in the future.

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HP’s latest headphones cool your ears down so you can play games for hours

HP’s new Omen Mineframe HeadsetHP has created a set of gaming headphones that are designed to cool your ears down. While your fingers are likely to tire before your ears set on fire, gaming on a PC for hours can be an uncomfortable experience, especially during the summer time. HP’s new Omen Mineframe Headset is the first to feature active earcup cooling by using thermoelectric magnets to cool your ears.

I briefly tried HP’s headset at Gamescom this week and it’s definitely a unique and slightly odd experience. You push the two earcups towards your ears to experience what I can only describe as a cool tingling feeling. It’s a strange sensation, but even in the brief few minutes I was wearing the headset it did feel slightly cooler. I’d have to test it for hours to really see if it makes any difference while gaming. I did notice the inside of the cups feel very cool to touch, but the outside heats up as the headset cools the insides. The ear cups also light up, and they’re powered over USB so it’s unlikely HP will create a battery-powered version.

HP says it has patented this new headphone cooling, and the company avoided using fans to ensure there was no additional noise. HP has also added noise cancellation to the headset, and real-time audible feedback with fabric cups to improve breathability. HP’s Omen Mineframe Headset will be available in October priced at $199.

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The Largest Official Lego Set

Hans and Maddy from the LEGO Star Wars design team go over all the features and components of the new 75192 Millennium Falcon set. The set contains 7,541 pieces and goes on sale October 1st, 2017. US $799.99 – CA $899.99 – DE 799.99€ – UK £649.99 – DK 6999.00 DKK